Dropbox for iPad

31 Mar Dropbox for iPad

I was very excited to see an update for my favorite file management cloud/app solution Dropbox in the App Store last night. Appears that they’ve optimized the app for the iPad and it looks terrific. In addition to being a universal app that works on the iPhone, iPod and iPad, looks like they’ve added a couple new features as well:

  • favorite a document to have it stored locally on your device (great for wifi only iPad users)
  • open docs stored in your Dropbox in your other iPad apps

I store a folder containing a bunch of my personal “forms” in my Dropbox. This is huge on the iPad as I can easily import a template into Pages or Office 2 (iTunes link) and begin editing for a specific client from anywhere. In my mind, Dropbox is a must have app and service for mobile professionals. Give it a look.

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