iPad at Work

One of the things I enjoy about writing TabletLegal is the reader interaction. I get all sorts of questions. Some of them very basic. Others quite complex. At the risk of becoming an iPad help desk, I try and answer all of them. Its fun and more often than not, I learn something new in helping out readers.

The questions are also an excellent reminder that my workflow and use case is just that – mine. Everyone uses technology differently. Everyone has different skill sets. While I try to cover a range of subjects, both advanced and basic, I’m still just blogging about my experiences and what is right in front of my nose that day or that week. The medium and my writing desires aren’t amenable to a comprehensive examination of iPad apps and techniques.

For that, someone would want a book…

And David Sparks’ iPad at Work is the book they would want.

David has significant credentials in tech nerddom (and I know he takes that as a compliment). David is the author of the excellent Mac/iOS blog, MacSparky, last year’s Mac at Work and co-host of the 5 by 5 podcast, MacPowerUsers.

David is also a practicing attorney. So while iPad at Work is not specific to the legal profession, nearly all of his 110,000 words would be helpful to most any iPad using lawyer. More than a roundup of apps, iPad at Work talks about how to use those apps to get things done. I actually think lawyers reading iPad at Work may get more out of it than the average reader as we can put ourselves in David’s shoes as he explains his workflows. David’s techniques become that much more relateable, understandable and easy to try.

While David was kind enough to send me a review copy of his book, I had previously purchased and read it on my Kindle. If you have room for a dead tree in your briefcase, I highly recommend the print version. The Kindle version simply doesn’t do the full color layout justice.

Congrats to David on his excellent work. iPad at Work is recommended reading.

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