iPad Web Traffic Share at Tablet Legal

I was inspired by John Gruber over at Daring Fireball to take a look at what comprised the operating systems of devices accessing Tablet Legal. For the month of April 18 to May 18, it breaks down like this:

Tablet Legal OS Share

  • Macintosh      43.18 %
  • Windows        36.92 %
  • iPad              19.13 %
  • Other               .77 %

Given that this is a blog dedicated to the iPad, no surprises to see nearly 20% of the visits originate on the device. The roughly equal split between Mac and Windows visitors may suggest similar interest in the device between those two demographics. I was a bit surprised not to see more iPhone access (it is buried along with Linux and Android in “Other”).

The iPad browsing experience is certainly as good or better than my desktop browsing experience – far better when I want to be on my couch or back porch. Would love to know how many readers in the Windows and Mac group also have an iPad.

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