LogMeIn Updated: New Remote Access Alternatives for Lawyers

My preferred, recommended and recently mentioned remote access app LogMeIn Ignition was recently updated and supplemented with a free version of the app to coincide with some new product and pricing offerings offered by LogMeIn. I have been struggling with how to write about this important update as the new product and pricing options are a bit confusing. Fortunately, Jeff Richardson did his usual exemplary job of running through the new pricing structure. I highly recommend you go read his entire post.

I’d summarize the pricing structure choices on the iOS side like this: If you previously purchased LogMeIn Ignition, then you are good to go for all of its Pro features. If you haven’t previously purchased LogMeIn, you can try out the new free product (iTunes link). If you find you want access on your iOS device to the Pro features like HD video, file management and cloud storage access, you can upgrade within the app for $39.99 per year for each computer you want those features for. If you don’t want to subscribe on a periodic per computer basis, you can purchase LogMeIn Ignition for a one time fee of $99.99 (iTunes link) and access all your remote computers from your iPad or iPhone. Note that LogMeIn offers a different and confusingly titled PC/Mac based “Pro” product to give you extended features when accessing one desktop from a different desktop or for system administrators. The above discussion only applies to the iOS app products.

Remote access is an important tool for lawyers as many firms utilize software that is server based and only available when sitting in front of your PC. I don’t think remote access is something to skimp on either. When you need access to your server based time/billing software or documents back on the server, you can’t afford to have something not work or have configuration difficulties. While there are other remote access apps out there, I’ve not found any as easy to configure and use as the LogMeIn products. Also, as Jeff mentions, LogMeIn has a long history with security and remote access products. I know firms that will only allow remote access via LogMeIn products so that the IT department only has to support and verify one vendor. That said, $99.99 for the Ignition app (or even $39.99 per year per computer subscription) is steep. Many people won’t need the full feature set of the Ignition app and now have access to the easy-to-use and reliable basic LogMeIn remote access app for free.

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