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09 Mar More on CloudOn

As I mentioned before, I’ve been following the progress of CloudOn, the virtual Microsoft Office solution for the iPad. With rumors of a true Microsoft Office suite coming to the iPad, I wonder how virtual solutions like this will fare in the face of that competition. I’m hopeful the competition will be good for both apps.

I find myself using CloudOn when I need to work on something that is already formatted as a Word document. At this stage in my workflow, the formatting matters and the WYSIWYG view of your document in CloudOn is simply superior to apps like Documents to Go, QuickOffice, Office2 HD or even Pages. The touch interface leaves a lot to be desired though when you do want to format to something. Those menus are just not designed for a touch based interface.

That said, I’m interested in where CloudOn is going. I took a tour through CloudOn’s support pages and looked at the company’s responses to user requests for features. I’ve categorized those responses below based on the different responses given by CloudOn. If CloudOn hasn’t responded to a feature request, I did not include this in the list. While we have no idea when many of these features will find their way to the app, the list does provide a bit of a roadmap for development.

Features “Started”

  • Availability outside of the US (currently only US, UK and Canada)
  • Integrated PDF viewer (scheduled for release in February 2012…oops)

Features “Planned”

  • Send documents via email
  • Support for password protected files and folders
  • Ability to copy text from another app and paste into a CloudOn workspace
  • Inserting images into an Office document
  • support
  • Search for files
  • Android version
  • View image files
  • Google Docs support

Under Review

  • Support for ctrl, alt, shift and function keys on extended keyboard
  • Multiple Dropbox account support
  • Open URL links in Office documents in Safari
  • Access files on PC
  • Share files through Dropbox from CloudOn app

Any features you are looking for in CloudOn?

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