Tablet Legal = iPad + Lawyers

Last Wednesday, Apple announced its new tablet device, the iPad in front of an eager group of press and techies in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

I suspect there weren’t many lawyers among the group in attendance. Even so, my hunch is that the iPad will find more than a few applications in the legal industry and in some areas, may become a fixture.

I’m a practicing business attorney in Portland, Oregon. I use the iPhone extensively in my practice and expect to use the iPad in my practice as well once released.Like other lawyers who use the iPhone, I think the iPhone is the best mobile computing device for attorneys. With the development of cloud and SaaS tools for lawyers, the iPad should prove a powerful tool as well.

This blog will discuss lawyers using the iPad, applications for the iPad and other developments specific to the iPad in the legal profession. In the next few months until the iPad is released, I’ll discuss how existing legal apps might change for the iPad platform and what new apps may develop. I’m looking forward to see if Apple can pull off another game changing product and how it will affect my practice and the legal industry.


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