Your Legal Documents in the iCloud

Much digital ink is already being spilled about the goodies announced this morning at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference and I’ll have thoughts on some of those things soon. My initial reaction however is that the Documents feature of iCloud may well be the most interesting piece to mobile lawyers (it is to me, anyway).

iCloud promises to serve as the central hub for documents and keeping them in sync with all iOS devices (Mac and PC as well?). Already integrated into Pages, Numbers and Keynote, Apple also promises that it has “given developers the tools to make their apps work with iCloud, too.” We currently accomplish something similar with Dropbox and Dropbox aware apps though that approach often requires manual syncyronization and still has the possibility of file duplication / overwrite. Still lots of questions to be answered (speed, encryption, file format compatibility, APIs made available to developers, etc.) but I’m optimistic about this development.

I’ll have more thoughts about the iPad specific features in the upcoming iOS 5 (coming this Fall) that I think will be of interest to lawyers soon.

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